Plastic box UNIbox Uni-1

Symbol: Catalogue number: EAN:
Uni-1 43.1 5905548285719

Cat. No. 43.1
Accessories - mounting plate 363x236x9 mm
Dimension A 400 mm
Dimension B 300 mm
Dimension a 410 mm
Dimension b 275 mm
Dimension c 166 mm


The casings are made of PC plastic (polycarbonate) in gray colour. They are equipped with a  rubber seal that allows for high sealing parameters, with a perforated mounting plate, gray or transparent hinged door closed by means of one or two locks with a key. Its universal application and precisely manufactured elements result in a casing of high workmanship and aesthetic appearance.

The casing is equipped with:
  • surface mounting jigs,
  • additional inner mounting door with regulated hinges (deep regulation).

Uni-box casings are structures forming safe and aesthetic products with the possibility of mounting in it:  low-voltage units, ”S” type fuse units, 1-phase or 3-phase meters, control devices and other electrical devices can be mounted.
Adapted for use indoors.
Plastic box UNIbox Uni-1,elektro-plast

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