Universal cable reel Z-XXL

Symbol: Catalogue number: EAN:
Z-XXL 30.3 5905548283050

Cat. No. 30.3
Z-XXL Ø 420
Size Ø 420
Used max. length for R14 - 90 m
Wrapping 1
The cable reel is used to roll cables, garden hoses, ropes, etc. It is available in 6 versions. The cable reel consists of a solid, metal stand made of a galvanized pipe with a profiled handle, and a reel made of a high quality plastic. In the reel frame there are chambers used for mounting one-phase or three-phase sockets in any configuration in accordance with individual user’s requirements. The reel has a proper electrical culvert ended with a flexible cable gland used for wire insertion. Additionally, the frame is equipped with terminals blocking a wire against pulling out and with suitable ribs used for easier mounting of terminal blocks.
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