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Electrical tape 19 x 20m (0,15) ZZ , yellow and green

Symbol: Catalogue number: EAN:
19 ZZ 41.14 5905548284596

Cat. No. 41.14
19 ZZ
Colour yellow green
Pcs. / packaging 10


High quality electro-adhesive tape is recommended especially for electrical purposes. It is usually used in the installation and maintenance of electrical installations, in composition of wire harnesses, wire marking, protection against corrosion, etc. It is characterized by both high plastic quality of material  (plasticized PVC) and the highest adhesive quality (rubber) not resulting in copper corrosion.
This provides secure fastening of the tape to the substrate over the entire mounting surface (the adhesive surface).
The highest manufacture quality ensures its high resistance to the impact of the following factors: chemical (resistance to water and various chemicals), physical (UV radiation) and mechanical (abrasion, bending, etc.)
The tape is available in colours: black, white, yellow, brown, blue, green, red, yellow and green or in 8 colour sets.
Tapes are offered in lengths: 10 and 20 meters, and widths of 15 and 19 mm.
Technical data for tapes 0.15 mm thick are presented below:
Electrical tape 19 x 20m (0,15) ZZ , yellow and green,elektro-plast

Rysunek Techniczny - Electrical tape 19 x 20m (0,15) ZZ , yellow and green

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